EMC Certification of Environmental Test Chamber

October 19, 2020

Latest company news about EMC Certification of Environmental Test Chamber

EMC certification was first introduced by the European Community government.


Household appliances are becoming more and more popular and electronic, radio and television, post and telecommunications, and computer networks are becoming more and more developed. The electromagnetic environment is becoming more and more complex and deteriorating. The electromagnetic compatibility of electronic products has also received increasing attention from governments and manufacturers.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electronic and electrical products is a very important quality indicator, which is not only related to the working reliability and use safety of the product itself, but also may affect the normal operation of other equipment and systems. Protection of electromagnetic environment.


In order to regulate the electromagnetic compatibility of electronic products, all developed countries and some developing countries have formulated electromagnetic compatibility standards. The electromagnetic compatibility standard is the basic requirement for the product to work normally in the actual electromagnetic environment.

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The scope of application of the EMC directive
All electrical or electronic appliances, equipment and installations that may cause electromagnetic interference or may themselves be affected by electromagnetic interference.

1.Household appliances, power tools, lamps and other similar equipment;
2.Industrial equipment
3.Information technology equipment audio and video products;
4.Laboratory, measurement and control equipment;
5.Other electronic equipment.

LIB products have passed EMC certification, temperature and humidity test chamber, salt spray corrosion test chamber, xenon lamp aging test chamber, sand dust test chamber, rain test chamber, etc.


LIB focuses on manufacturing high-quality test chambers. In order to ensure the safety and environmental performance of customers, it has been upgrading its products.


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