Xenon Test Chamber Applications and Standards

December 18, 2020

Latest company news about Xenon Test Chamber Applications and Standards

The xenon test chamber uses a xenon arc lamp as a light source. It used for the study of weathering and accelerated aging testing by closely emulating true environmental conditions.

Controlled product degradation study (weathering), using varying light spectrum, temperature and moisture. Used to evaluate the weather resistance of the test material or samples.

The weathering test is an important way to optimize the composition of your product in the process of scientific research and production. It is also an important part of product quality inspection. Industries such as coatings, plastic, aluminum-plastic plate and automobile safety glass are all required to do this kind of weather ability test.

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Applications and standards
Xenon system for accelerated sun exposure testing of plastic materials, textiles, paints, cosmetics and pharmaceutics, etc.
●Adhesives: ASTM D904; ASTM C1442; ASTM C1501; RILEM DBS.
●Automative: SAE J2527; SAE J2412.
●Coatings: QUALICOAT; ISO 2135; ISO 11341; ASTM D3451; ASTM D3794; ASTM D6577; ASTM D6695; GB 1865; JIS K 5600-7-7; MPI: #113; MS 133: Part F14.
●Dentistry: ISO 4049:2000; ISO 7491:2000.
●General: IEC 68-2-9; ISO 4892-1; ASTM G151; ASTM G155.
●Geotextiles: ASTM D4355.
●Intra-Ocular Lenses: ISO 11979-5:2006
●Ink / Paper: ISO 11798; ISO 12040; ISO 18909; ASTM D3424; ASTM D4303; ASTM D5010; ASTM D6901; ASTM F2366.
●Packaging: ASTM D6551.
●Pharmaceuticals: ICH Guideline Q1B
●Plastics: ISO 4892-2; JIS K 7350-2; DIN EN 513; ASTM D1248; ASTM D2565; ASTM D4101; ASTM D4459; ASTM D5071; ASTM D6662; UL 1581.
●Roofing: ASTM D4434; ASTM D4637; ASTM D4798; ASTM D4811; ASTM D5019; ASTM D6083.
●Rubber: ISO 3865; ISO 4665.
●Sealants: ASTM C1442; ASTM C1501.
●Textiles: AATCC TM 16; AATCC TM 169; GB/T-8430; IS: 2454; ISO 105-B02.