85 Degree 85RH Test is Required for Solar Cell Module Certification

December 14, 2020

Latest company news about 85 Degree 85RH Test is Required for Solar Cell Module Certification

What is 85 Degree 85RH Test

1.The double 85 test is actually a temperature and humidity test where the temperature of the constant temperature and humidity test box is 85 degrees and the humidity is 85%. It can also be said to be a damp heat aging test. This is a necessary test for product reliability testing.

2. Through the double 85 test, confirm that the module can withstand the negative temperature effect after high temperature and humidity, and for the fatigue and thermal failure caused by repeated temperature changes. In addition, determine the thermal stress and thermal stress caused by the photovoltaic module exposed to high humidity. Ability to resist long-term penetration of moisture.

Introduction to the configuration of the double 85 test chamber
1. The air circulation device has a built-in circulating air duct and a long-axis ventilator. The refrigerating machine and energy adjustment system used are used for effective heat exchange through the ventilator to achieve the purpose of temperature change. By improving the air flow, the The air flow rate and the heat exchange capacity of the heater and the air surface cooler are adjusted by the adjustable air vent at the air outlet, which greatly improves the temperature uniformity of the test chamber.

2. The double 85 test box adopts programmable controller, which has high control accuracy and good reliability. The display mode is LED dot matrix LCD display, and the display resolution temperature (0.1℃), humidity (0.1%RH), time (1min) ), complete display of the set program graphic curve, the control mode is constant temperature test, constant damp heat test, damp heat alternating program test.

3. With a fully enclosed air-cooled compressor as the core, the condenser, evaporator, plate heat exchanger, oil separator, expansion valve, solenoid valve, filter, pressure controller, precooler and pipelines are combined into a cascade Type refrigeration system, reasonable design, high efficiency, energy saving and reliable operation.