Application Fields of High Pressure IPX9K Test Equipment

April 29, 2022

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IPX9K simulates a state of high temperature and high pressure, and sprays the shell of the sample for a short time, not only to test its waterproof performance, but also to test the stability of the shell.


The application fields of High Pressure IPX9K Test Equipment are auto parts, energy storage cabinets, lithium batteries, outdoor electrical appliances, engines, passenger cars, automobiles, electric vehicles, etc.



The test standard of the High Pressure IPX9K Test Equipment is carried out by the water jet out of the standard test nozzle to the housing, the device used to measure the impact force of the water jet, and the water temperature should be kept at 80±5℃.

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Test 1:

●For small enclosure sizes up to 250mm, the enclosure shall be mounted on the test fixture shown,

●Speed: (5±1)r/min;

●Spray angle: 0°, 30°, 60°, 90°;

●Each position is tested for 30S.


Test 2:

●For small enclosure sizes greater than or equal to 250mm,

●Spray direction: spray from all directions to cover the entire surface of the shell, and the spray angle should be as perpendicular to the spray surface as possible;

●Under the test conditions, the distance between the nozzle and the sample to be tested is (175±25) mm; according to the calculable area of the shell,

●The duration of the test is 1min/㎡, and the time is 3min.