ASTM G154 Accelerated Weathering Standards

September 7, 2020

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ASTM G154 use and factors to be considered


ASTM G154 testing uses fluorescent light sources that can simulate UVA or UVB. This technique is used to evaluate the impact of UV exposure on a product’s mechanical properties.This method is used for evaluating accelerated weathering on plastics, adhesives and sealants, printing inks and coatings. It is also used for doing accelerated weathering on a lot of finished products including roofing materials and outdoor household products.


ASTM G154 typical experiment parameters
To perform an accelerated weathering test that is right for your application, the following test parameters need to be defined:

The fluorescent lamp
The lamp’s irradiance level
The type of moisture exposure
The timing of the light and moisture exposure
The temperature of light exposure
The temperature of moisture exposure
The timing of a light/dark cycle.


Other related test methods
1.As an alternative to Fluorescent light exposure, one should consider ASTM G155.

2.Many ASTM test methods call up ASTM G154. Among others you will find ASTM D1248, ASTM D5208 and ASTM D5894, which combines a UV exposure with ASTM G85 (salt cyclic corrosion).
3.Upon exposure to ASTM G154, different measurements can be made to quantify the aging impact.