Cable Ozone Resistance Testing

April 23, 2021

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Ozone testing for cables is a test to determine a rubber or elastomer's resistance to ozone degradation. The test methodology for ASTM D1171 requires an Ozone test chamber capable of generating a controlled amount of ozone, a means for circulating ozonized air under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature, and a means for determination of ozone concentration.


Test standard: ASTM D1171


Test Procedure
Sample under 40 + / - 1 ℃, ozone under pressure to 50 + 5 mpa exposed 72 h, unless to test both sides to negotiate each other test conditions. Samples should be in 46 h, 22 h, 70 h from the test chamber to observe crack series.


Sample preparation
Fix a chalk line on the sample, marking the middle distance 190 mm (7.5 inch), from the end of the 32 mm (1. 25 inches). The sample volume into ring shape, overlapping 19 mm (7. 5 inches) into the handle shape, at a chalk line to tie it with copper wire. Hang the sample on the mandrel until it is full

After the specified test duration, the test pieces are removed from the test chamber and examined with normal or corrected vision without magnification and should be free from cracks and the ozone concentration is measured directly with an ozone meter. The required ozone concentration will be specified in the relevant cable standard.


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Poland customer purchased ozone test chamber in 2019 to test cables.