Electronic and Electrical Environment Simulation Test

December 28, 2020

Latest company news about Electronic and Electrical Environment Simulation Test

Tests to evaluate and analyze the reliability of electronic products, including simulation tests and field tests under various environmental conditions.


Through reliability tests, the reliability characteristics of electronic products can be determined when operating or stored under various environmental conditions, providing useful data for use, production and design; it can also expose the existence of products in terms of design, raw materials and process flow. The problem. Through a series of feedback measures such as failure analysis and quality control, product problems can be gradually solved and product reliability improved.


Testing products:

computers, connectors, data cables, water dispensers, televisions, refrigerators, electric fans, microwave ovens, stereos, inductors, insulating materials, magnetic materials, electronic hardware, electrical ceramic materials, shielding materials, piezoelectric crystal materials , Electronic fine chemical materials, electronic light construction textile materials, electronic tin solder materials, PCB manufacturing materials, etc.

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Climate Environment Test:
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