Geotechnical Fiber or Geomembrane Environmental Performance Test

November 11, 2020

Latest company news about Geotechnical Fiber or Geomembrane Environmental Performance Test

Geotextile(geotechnical fiber or geomembrane), refers to a coiled material for civil engineering made of synthetic fiber weaving or non-woven processes such as cementing and hot pressing needle punching.


The main raw materials of synthetic fibers are polypropylene, polyester, polyamide and so on. Geotextiles are classified into water filtration type, impermeable type and heat preservation type according to their uses.

1. Water-filtering geotextile allows water to pass through, but prevents fine-grained soil from being lost with water. It can be used as a blind drainage ditch instead of pipelines; as a percolation layer in roads to prevent mud from turning over; as a cushion on a weak foundation to improve the stability of the foundation; or to isolate two soil particles of different sizes, So as not to mix.
2. The surface of the geotextile is coated with an impermeable coating to become a waterproof type, which can be used as an anti-leakage pavement for channels and as a moisture-proof layer in the foundation of a house.
3. Thermal insulation geotextiles are used as insulation barriers for foundations in cold areas.

Due to different uses, the strength of geotextiles is also different. Usually its tensile strength, tear strength, punching strength and ultimate elongation are relatively large; the corrosion resistance and microbial erosion resistance of buried in the soil are also good.


Performance index requirements

The main performance indicators of geotextile products are:
(1) Product form: material manufacturing method, width, diameter and weight of each roll, etc.;
(2) Physical properties: mainly include unit area, mass, equivalent pore size, uniformity, etc.;
(3) Mechanical properties: mainly include tensile strength, elongation at tearing, tear strength, penetration strength, burst strength, creep, and friction coefficient with rock and soil, etc.;
(4) Hydraulic properties: vertical and horizontal water permeability;
(5) Durability and anti-aging ability.


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