How To Properly Calibrate, Use Sand Dust Test Chamber

September 10, 2020

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Calibration Items including temperature point, wind speed, mesh sieve size, dust concentration.


Measurement method
No load: The measurement is carried out under no-load conditions. If there is a load, the load should be stated in the certificate.
Choose measure points: Measuring temperature should generally select the upper limit, lower limit and center point of the test chamber's use range, and the actual commonly used temperature points can also be selected according to user needs;
Location of measuring points: When the volume of the test chamber is less than 2m3, there are 9 temperature points; The test chamber volume is greater than 2m3, 15 temperature points. Use an anemometer to detect the wind speed inside the chamber.


The important notice after testing
1. Do not open the door of test chamber during the test;
2. If you hear any abnormal noise from the test chamber during operation, please stop the inspection and restart the machine after the fault is detected and resolved.
3. After the test is completed, wait for the dust to settle completely before opening the door to take out the specimen.
4. After the end of test, cut off the power supply of the test chamber.
5. After the end of each test, the samples inside of chamber shall be taken out and the workroom shall be cleaned up.
6. The dust must be replaced regularly. After a long time, the dust agglomerates and affects the test data and the life of the fan.