IEC 60068 25PPM H2S Noxious Gas Test Equipment

January 22, 2021

Latest company news about IEC 60068 25PPM H2S Noxious Gas Test Equipment

IEC 60068 25PPM H2S Noxious Gas Test Equipment can meet the single-phase test and multiple programming tests; the test includes hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, nitrogen dioxide, low temperature test, dry test, damp heat test and other environmental test effects; the material is tested under test requirements Or the product undergoes accelerated corrosion, testing the degree of damage suffered by the material or product within a certain time frame. This equipment is used to assess the anti-corrosion ability of materials and their protective layers, as well as the process quality comparison of similar protective layers. It is an ideal test equipment for artificially simulating the corrosion environment.


25PPM 15 ℃ SO2 H2S HCL Aging Test Equipment is widely used in aerospace, automobile and motorcycle, ordnance weapons, electrical engineering and electronics, chemical metallurgy, quality inspection and measurement, post and telecommunications, shipping and railway and other enterprises and institutions, universities and colleges and scientific research institutions.

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The inner material is a double-layer material made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure the robustness, and the outer layer is affixed with Fiber Reinforce Plastic for corrosion protection.
Standard configuration of two sample holders made of FRP.


SO2 Exhaust Device
The SO2 exhaust device is equipped with an NAOH solution tank to dilutes SO2 to make workplace clean and safe.
Exhaust the gas after the test, automatic controlled on controller.


SO2 Sensor
SO2 gas concentration detection transmitter
High accuracy, easy to exchange


PID programmable color touch screen controller, network connection computer.
Can edit 100 programs 20 segment.
LIB also can preset program into the controller based on user testing requirements.
The set system language is English for standard.