LED Industry Environmental Test

December 11, 2020

Latest company news about LED Industry Environmental Test

LED products are developing rapidly. With the increase in applications, quality risks face more challenges, especially when new processes and materials are constantly being replaced. For quality assurance, life improvement and failure analysis, an effective system is needed to help manufacturers and designers perform preliminary verification and regular monitoring.

When encountering various environmental and weather changes, such as: paint peeling, cracking, material deformation and other abnormal phenomena, it is necessary to detect the reliability of LED lights.

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1.Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber
LED constant temperature and humidity test chamber: equipment used to test the performance of materials in various environments and test various materials for heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance, and humidity resistance.
LED thermal shock test chamber: used to simulate the harsh environment of the test product in different or regional, sudden changes to the degree that can be tolerated under continuous temperature changes of high and low temperatures in an instant, and test its thermal expansion under the conditions of rapid temperature difference Chemical changes and physical damage caused by cold shrinkage.
LED high temperature aging test chamber: used to simulate, evaluate and determine the adaptability of electrical and electronic products or materials for storage and use under environmental conditions of temperature, the working environment of the equipment at extreme high temperatures, and the inspection equipment at the highest operating temperature that can be tolerated Work situation,


2.Sand dust test chamber
LED lights will inevitably be attacked by some dust. If too much dust enters the LED lights, it will affect the normal use of the LED lights, so the LED lights need to be tested for dust. The dust test will use the sand and dust test chamber. The sand and dust test box simulates different degrees of sand and dust spraying. It can effectively simulate the dust floating in daily life and the scene of heavy wind and sand. It can carry out different dustproof levels for the LED lights. test.
According to the dust-proof standard of LED, the LED IP protection level needs to reach level 6, which is to completely prevent dust from entering the LED lamp


3.IP rain spray test chamber
Generally, the waterproof level of outdoor lamps generally needs to be IP65 strong water spray test level to IP68 pressurized diving waterproof level, because the outdoor weather is unpredictable, light rain, heavy rain, heavy rain, or even being submerged, it is possible from time to time
As a common outdoor tool, a car is naturally unavoidable if it is exposed to wind and rain. Automotive lamps are generally tested for IP65 and IP66 waterproof ratings.


4.Salt spray test chamber
The salt spray test chamber is a kind of test equipment that artificially simulates the salt spray corrosion environment. It is used to assess the salt spray corrosion resistance of materials, products and their protective layers, and to evaluate the process quality of the LED protective layer.


5.Weathering accelerated aging test chamber
LED lights will face the sun's exposure problems outdoors or indoors, and the sun's exposure will cause the product to fade, age, and crack.
The UV weathering test chamber, xenon arc test chamber is simulating the light and condensation in natural sunlight, combined with simulation devices such as temperature control and humidity supply, the accelerated weather resistance test of the material is carried out to obtain the result of the weather resistance of the material.