Maintenance of Ozone Aging Test Machine

January 19, 2022

Latest company news about Maintenance of Ozone Aging Test Machine

Ozone Aging Test Machine simulates ozone conditions and is used for rubber products such as vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, cable insulation jackets, etc.


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 Under static tensile deformation, exposed to airtight and unilluminated air containing constant ozone concentration and constant temperature test chamber, the sample is tested at a predetermined time, and the degree of cracking or other properties changes from the surface of the sample.


 Ozone Aging Test Machine is used to scientifically and reasonably realize the aging crack test of non-metallic materials and rubber products to evaluate the ozone aging resistance of rubber.







Maintenance of Ozone Aging Test Chamber

1. Keep the appearance of the chamber clean and tidy; avoid dust intrusion into the chamber.

2. Avoid external force hitting the chamber.

3. Chemicals are prohibited from contacting this equipment.

4. The laboratory should be kept in a dry environment.

5. It is absolutely forbidden to set the temperature to exceed the maximum temperature specified by this equipment.

6. Check the circuit control system before each startup.

7. Confirmation of power supply and grounding wire.

8. Whether the power cord is properly connected in accordance with the specifications and is grounded.

9. Check whether the over-temperature protector has been set.

10. A ventilation fan should be installed in the laboratory to maintain indoor ventilation.

11. After the test, cut off the power of the whole machine.

12. After each test, take out the sample and clean the inner tank of the equipment.

13. Non-professionals are strictly prohibited from operating this equipment.


LIB ozone test chamber has professional after-sales service, providing 3 year warranty and lifetime tracking service.