Metal Halide Lamp Aging Test

November 4, 2020

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Metal Halide Lamp Aging Test
The principle of the metal halide lamp is to inject halogen gas such as iodine or bromine into the bulb. Under high temperature, the sublimated tungsten wire reacts chemically with the halogen, and the cooled tungsten will re-solidify on the tungsten wire, forming a balanced cycle to prevent the tungsten wire from overdos Fracture early. Therefore, halogen bulbs last longer than incandescent bulbs.


Most of the organic metal halide compounds are artificial products. Because of their excellent performance, such as flame retardant, easy to dissolve, and high reactivity, they are widely used in flame retardants (such as PBB, PBDE, TBBP- A, PCB, hexabromododecane, tribromophenol, short-chain chlorinated paraffin), fluxes, refrigerants, solvents, organic chemical raw materials, pesticides, bleaching agents, wool degreasers, etc. Halogen-containing plastics, especially those containing gas and bromine, are widely used in the electrical and electronic industries.


Most of the metal halide compounds used in industry are organic metal halide compounds, and many organic halogen compounds are listed as chemicals harmful to humans and the environment, and their use is prohibited or limited, and they are the pollutants that countries focus on.

Metal halide lamp detection application field

Automobiles and their ancillary products, 3D plastic parts, chemicals, electronic products, aviation products, optoelectronic products, roofs, window frames and other parts and finished products, etc.

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Metal halide & Xenon Arc Lamp Weathering Test Chamber Test Method
Light source: metal halide lamp
Spectral range: visible + near infrared band (300nm~3000nm)
Common standards: IEC60068-2-5:2010


Typical test conditions

1.400-1200w/m2 @300-3000nm (Metal halide lamp)
2.100-1200w/m2 @ 290nm-800nm (Xenon arc lamp)


Temperature Range


Humidity Range
50%~98% RH