Photovoltaic Panel Dust Sand Test Chamber

May 21, 2021

Latest company news about Photovoltaic Panel Dust Sand Test Chamber

In IEC61215 and IEC61730, the impact of extreme environmental factors such as torrential rain, heavy snow, hail, high temperature and humidity, ultraviolet rays and other extreme environmental factors in the natural environment on the life of the components has been considered, but in addition, there is another that has not been generally paid attention to. The factor-sand and dust.


Photovoltaic modules are used in harsh environments such as desert environments (or desertified environments). High winds will roll up certain sands, sand particles and other impacts on the surface of the module, which will have some impact on the glass and backplane surface of the photovoltaic module and the junction box, such as :

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Photovoltaic panel components are affected by the environment

1. Wind and sand rubbing the glass surface: The glass surface is rubbed by wind and sand for a long time, it will scratch the glass surface or damage the surface coating (outer coating glass) of the glass, which will affect the light transmission performance, affect the appearance of the module, and the normal power output.


2. Wind and sand friction erodes the surface of the backplane: Long-term friction and erosion of the backplane by wind and sand may damage the outer surface of the backplane, causing the performance of the backplane to decrease or even damage, and it cannot protect the cells and affect the components. Appearance, normal power output, etc.;


3. Wind and sand hit the glass surface and back plate surface of the module for a long time, causing certain impact and vibration, which may cause cell chip breaks, poor contact between the solder ribbon and the cell, and affect the normal power output of the module;

The sand and dust test mainly involves the six aspects of sand and dust composition, dust particle size, sand dust density, test wind speed, test temperature and humidity conditions, and test time.


The significance of the sand test
The sand and dust test mainly simulates the erosion effect of severe sand and dust storms. Through a series of strict tests on the modules, the applicability and durability of solar photovoltaic products under extreme environmental conditions such as desert environments are ensured, so as to ensure that the modules can operate in real environments. Play the best effect. It plays a vital role in determining the reliability and durability of solar cell modules in real environments.


Photovoltaic panel sand and dust test Chamber
LIB provides a photovoltaic panel sand and dust environmental test equipment, which can be customized according to the size of the photovoltaic panel and sand blowing requirements to meet the test requirements of different standards