Principle and Performance of Sand and Dust Test Chamber

December 31, 2020

Latest company news about Principle and Performance of Sand and Dust Test Chamber

The dust test chamber can be divided into dust generating part, diffusion cavity, detection cavity and dust removal part. Dust is continuously and steadily emitted from the dust generating device into the dilution chamber; at the same time, there is a pipeline next to the dust generating device for clean air, and the dust test box can further dilute the dust concentration. The dust aerosol enters the test chamber after the process of sedimentation and dilution for more than 2 meters. The area of ​​the test cavity is large enough, and a sparse horizontal and vertical iron frame is installed at the bottom, which can be used for placing test pieces. The sand and dust test box is equipped with a fan at the bottom of the device. On the one hand, it can be used to suck the dust-laden air in the test section into the electrostatic precipitator, so as to achieve the purpose of recovering the test dust; on the other hand, it can make the dust concentration from a higher value. Decrease quickly to a lower value.

Excellent features of sand and dust test chamber:
1. Simulated environment: Using high-precision dust generating device and dust concentration sensor, the sand dust test box realizes the control of test dust concentration; the patented device structure can make the uniformity of the dust concentration of the test section meet the requirements of the verification device .

2. Wide application range: In addition to the conventional dust meter that can be put into the test room for testing, the sand and dust test box has holes reserved on the fixed glass on the door side that is visible on three sides, which is suitable for the measurement and testing of smoke and dust CEMS.

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3. Intelligent:

(1) Quick setting of target concentration: According to the speed-concentration relationship curve, dust aerosols near the target concentration can be generated;

(2) Recording and storage of dust concentration monitoring (optional): This function can display and record the dust concentration data of the test box. The sand and dust test box uses this function to check the dust stability during the sampling period through the monitoring data to determine the test The scientific nature of the results.

(3) Timing shutdown function: Through the setting of this function, the equipment can be automatically stopped after the test is completed, without the need to arrange personnel on duty. The sand and dust test chamber, especially at night or holidays, improves the test efficiency. At the same time, the data record of the monitor can be used to review the operation of the device during the unattended period;

(4) Real-time display of dust column length and dust remaining warning: When the length of the dust column is less than the warning length, an alarm will be issued; when the length of the dust column is less than the limit length, the operation of the dust generating device will be stopped to realize the self-protection of the device.

4. Easy to clean: the exhaust fan is fully turned on, and the dust test box is blown with air pressure at the dust generating port and the detection port respectively to sweep the dust in the wind tunnel into the dust collector, and pull out the dust collector of the dust collector. Centralized cleanup.

5. The dust source is easy to replace and pollution-free: Various suitable dust in the sand dust test box is prepared in advance into a cylindrical dust source enclosed by a stainless steel tube for use, and there is no pollution at the use site.