Principle of Xenon Lamp Aging Test

December 7, 2020

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The xenon arc light filtered by the filter is used to artificially weather the coating or artificially expose it to radiation. The purpose is to make the coating undergo a certain degree of exposure to radiation energy to change the selected performance to a certain extent. Or to make the coating reach a certain degree of aging required for the exposure radiation energy.


The performance selected for testing should be an important performance of the coating in practical applications. The performance of the exposed coating can be compared with the performance of the same prepared unexposed coating (comparative sample).


In natural climates, solar radiation is considered to be the main cause of coating aging, and the principle of exposure radiation under window glass is the same. Therefore, for artificial weathering and artificial exposure to radiation, it is very important to simulate solar radiation.


During the test of the exposure equipment, the irradiance may change due to the aging of the xenon arc and the filter system. This change occurs especially in the ultraviolet range that has the greatest impact on the photochemistry of polymer materials. Therefore, it is not only necessary to measure the exposure time, but also to measure the wavelength range below 400nm or the exposure radiation energy at a specified wavelength, such as 340nm, and use these values ​​as the reference standard values ​​for coating aging.

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Normal conditions
ISO 4892-2:2013 (plastics)
Plastics-Laboratory light source exposure methods

ISO 11341:2004 (paints and varnishes)
Paints and varnishes--simulating natural aging and exposure to simulated radiation-exposure to filtered xenon arc radiation


Unconventional conditions
ASTM G155-2013 (Non-metallic materials) Operating rules of xenon arc lamp equipment for exposure of non-metallic materials
ASTM D2565-2016 cycle 1 (plastic, outdoor) outdoor plastic xenon arc exposure protocol
ASTM D4459-2012 (plastic, indoor) xenon lamp aging exposure regulations for indoor plastics
ASTM D6695-2016 (Coatings) Xenon Arc Exposure Specification for Paints and Related Coatings