Simulation of Ozone Aging in Natural Environment

October 12, 2020

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Ozone aging is a technology to test the aging resistance of rubber products by accelerating the process of ozone aging of polymer materials by means of environmental simulation for the sensitivity of polymer materials to ozone.


Ozone mainly exists in the ozone layer below the stratosphere in the atmosphere, but there is also rare ozone in the surface atmosphere. Because of the sensitive nature of polymer materials to ozone, even thin ozone will cause all polymer products to age. Different products can be compared with each other according to the same ozone aging test standard to obtain comparable aging resistance.


Ozone aging refers to exposing the sample to a closed and non-illuminated air containing constant ozone concentration and a constant temperature test box. The sample is tested for a predetermined time. The degree of cracks or other changes in the surface of the sample is determined by Evaluate the ozone aging resistance of the sample.


Ozone aging is divided into static tensile test and dynamic tensile test. In the test, ozone concentration, temperature, and sample stretching are three very important parameters that can be tested for aging.


Application products are as follows:
1. The aging test of plastic products includes: plastic particles, plastic wires, plastic ropes, plastic belts, hoses, rigid pipes, corrugated pipes, plastic sheets, plastic films, plastic switches, plastic doors and windows, plastic rods, artificial leather, cables, foam materials , Plastic profiles, car accessories, etc.

2. Rubber products aging tests include: hoses, sealing rings, films, conveyor belts, sealing strips, insulating sheaths, tires, rubber pads, hoses, conveyor belts, rubber materials, waterproof membranes, automotive accessories, etc.

3. Tests for the aging of coating adhesives include: anti-corrosion coating, waterproof coating, thermal insulation coating, high temperature resistant coating, conductive coating, potting adhesive, self-adhesive, hot melt adhesive, universal adhesive, etc.

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There are also many standards related to ozone aging. There are different inspection standards for different products.

such as:
1.ASTM D1149 Rubber Ozone Aging Test
2.ASTM D1171 Rubber Ozone Aging Test
3.IS01431-1: 2004 Ozone Aging Test
4.DIN53509 ozone aging resistance test, etc.
5.ISO 10960 rubber and plastic hose ozone aging test
6.ISO7326 rubber and plastic hose anti-ozone performance evaluation under static conditions;