The Importance of UV Detection in the LED Industry

January 25, 2021

Latest company news about The Importance of UV Detection in the LED Industry

The importance of UV detection in the LED industry


The main function of the UV aging test chamber is to simulate the effect of ultraviolet light in the natural environment on the product.


It can simulate the harm caused by sunlight and dew. The test chamber uses an ultraviolet lamp to simulate the effect of sunlight and condensed moisture. Rain and dew materials to be tested are placed in alternating cycles of light and moisture at a certain temperature for testing hazards,


These include: discoloration, fading, loss of gloss, chalking, cracking and blistering, embrittlement, strength decline, and oxidation.


In the LED industry, especially many products are involved in the outdoors, the influence of ultraviolet light on it cannot be ignored. In LED outdoor lights, outdoor advertisements, etc., long-term exposure to ultraviolet light can cause serious aging. Therefore, the anti-ultraviolet aging of the LED industry is also very important.

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LIB specifically produces energy-saving and easy-to-use LED special UV aging test chambers for the LED industry. It is mainly based on the characteristics of large product specifications and relatively fragile product textures in the LED industry. Various factors are comprehensively considered. After years of hard work and More developed.


The UV ultraviolet aging test chamber has stable performance and powerful protection devices to ensure the use of the product. In addition, the equipment of the LED special ultraviolet aging test chamber uses 304# high-quality steel plate, which is suitable for the use of products in any


LED industry. In terms of design, LIB follows all the principles of energy saving and excellent quality. It not only has a long service life, but also has the characteristics of convenient operation and strong detection effectiveness.