The Necessity of SO2 Noxious Corrosion Test

September 27, 2020

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The gas corrosion test is a very rigorous test item in the climate environment reliability test. The environment where most products are used is in the atmosphere, and most of the corrosion occurs in the atmosphere. The atmosphere contains corrosive components and factors such as oxygen, humidity, temperature changes and pollutants.


The atmospheric environment leads to the formation of a water film on the metal surface. H2S, SO2, NO2, Cl2 and other harmful gases in the atmosphere dissolve into the water film formed on the metal surface as corrosive ions to accelerate the corrosion process. The gas corrosion equipment uses H2S, SO2, NO2, Cl2 mixed gas or single gas to accelerate the corrosion of materials or products under a certain temperature and relative humidity environment.


Under a certain temperature and humidity environment, use H2S, SO2, NO2, Cl2 and other harmful gases to accelerate corrosion of materials or products, and reproduce the damage suffered by electronic components, auto parts, lamps, and aerospace within a certain time frame degree.

The ability of assessing the gas corrosion resistance of materials and protective layers, as well as the comparison of the process quality of similar protective layers, can also be used to assess the gas corrosion resistance of certain products.

Application of noxiousgas corrosion test:
It is suitable for the detection of precision products such as automobile parts, electronic parts, plastics, lighting, lighting products, national defense and military industry, aerospace, connectors, etc.


Gas corrosion test standard:
IEC 60068-2-60, IEC 60068-2-42, DIN 50018


The LIB SO2 noxious corrosion test chamer can simulate the temperature, humidity and SO2 noxious gas in the atmosphere. It can test the performance of electronic components and the ability of the product to resist corrosion in a few days or weeks. The LIB SO2 corrosion test machine has a standard model. Support customized test chamber and one-stop service.


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