UL 1703 Standard Solar PV Panel Test

April 2, 2021

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UL 1703-33 (sprinkler test)

Purpose: To conduct a sprinkling test on solar cells. The test should not cause water on the non-insulated moving parts, or water concentrated in the interval of the moving parts. After the test, conduct the insulator withstand voltage test and the leakage current test.


UL 1703-34 (accelerated aging test)

Purpose: Accelerated aging test for gaskets, sealing rings... and other materials (excluding cork, fiber materials and similar materials). After the accelerated aging test, they cannot be deformed, melted or hardened to affect their sealing performance

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UL 1703-35 (temperature cycle test)

Purpose: After the solar cell has undergone 200 temperature cycle tests, test whether the current continuity of the battery is normal, whether there is leakage current and the insulation resistance is reduced.

Test conditions: -40-1℃←→90+1℃

Residence time: 1.75 hr more, 0.5 hr less (the surface temperature can be reached within 30 minutes)

Temperature change rate: 120℃/h

Number of cycles: 200 cycle


UL 1703-36 (Wet Freeze Test)

Purpose: After the solar cell undergoes 10 wet and freezing test cycles, check whether the current continuity is normal, whether the insulation resistance is lower than the standard value, and whether there is corrosion.


UL 1703-37 (Gas Corrosion Test)

Purpose: To conduct a gas corrosion test for solar cells, which includes two tests, salt spray test and sulfur dioxide test, to test whether the coating is damaged and whether the steel is corroded

Test conditions: 85℃85±2.5% (at least 20h) ←→--40℃ (0.5h~4h)

Temperature change rate: normal temperature→high temperature→normal temperature: 120℃/hr, normal temperature→low temperature→normal temperature: 200℃/hr

Number of cycles: 10 cycle