Use of IPX9K Waterproof Test Chamber

November 16, 2020

Latest company news about Use of IPX9K Waterproof Test Chamber

The products corresponding to the IPX9K waterproof test equipment are probably used under high temperature and high pressure, which requires higher use scenarios for the product.


Products that are generally used in high temperature and high pressure scenarios include miner's lamps, auto parts, power batteries, etc., which need to be used at high temperatures.


Manufacturers need to do an IPX9K waterproof test before they produce products, and only when they meet the test standards can they be mass-produced and sold.

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What is the standard of IPX9K waterproof test

The IPX9k waterproof rating test is carried out by the water jet above the standard test nozzle. When the waterproof test is performed on the shell:
The water temperature should be kept at (80±5)℃
The spray angle is 0°, 30°, 60°, 90°
IPX9K Waterproof Test Standard For large enclosures (size greater than or equal to 250mm), the enclosure should be installed according to the intended use, and the entire outer surface of the enclosure will be sprayed.


LIB provides a standard IPX9K test machine, and also provides customized services for special products and samples.


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