What are industrial ovens used for

August 3, 2020

Latest company news about What are industrial ovens used for

Industrial ovens are widely used in various industries such as food production, electronics, chemical processing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and automotive. Industrial ovens are basically heated chambers that are used for various industrial applications such as baking, curing, and drying parts, components or various products. These can be used for small or big volume applications, continuously with conveyor lines, in batches, and a range of different configurations, sizes, and temperatures.


More often than not, industrial ovens are used in other applications such as food productions, chemical processing, and electronics companies where circuit boards are run through the conveyor oven to attach the surface mount components.


Burn-In Testing Materials
Industrial ovens can also be used for testing materials. For burn-in testing materials, the type of industrial ovens used is made for static and dynamic burn-in of integrated circuits and some electronic devices like laser diodes.


Dry Paint, Wood
During the production process of the LIB INDUSTRY environmental test chamber, one of the production links needs to use a walk-in industrial oven. After spraying the stainless steel, the oven is used to dry the paint. This step saves the time for the paint to dry naturally, and the paint is more stable.

In 2019, Russian customers also purchased a walk-in oven to dry wood, accelerate the evaporation of water in the wood, save time, and make the wood dry more evenly.


LIB INDUSTRY ovens are divided into industrial ovens and vacuum ovens. You can send your request, we will recommend a suitable oven for you, and provide you with a solution.