What Are The Functions Of The Salt Spray Test Chamber Structure

September 16, 2020

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The salt spray corrosion test chamber is an instrument and equipment that compresses the salt solution and sprays it into a mist, and then uses the concentration and size of the mist to detect the properties and corrosion resistance of the sample. The test chamber equipment is composed of multiple structural components. Including spraying system, heating system, mist exhaust hose, brine collection cup, multiple types and customizable sample holder, pressure gauge and pressure regulating valve, low water indicator, chamber drain valve, sealed in still water, saturation bucket.


Functions and uses of these devices are follow:
Spraying system
It is tower salt spray system. The air generated by the air compressor is purified, preheated, and depressurized, and then enters the nozzle. The solution replenishment system supplies the solution to the nozzle suction pipe. When spraying, the compressed air rushes out of the nozzle, creating a negative pressure above the suction pipe. Under the action of negative pressure, the salt water flows toward the glass nozzle to the tip cone and spreads to the entire working space to form a diffuse state, simulating the salt spray environment.


Heating system
The bottom of the chamber is equipped with heating wire. When the resistance wire is heated, the air temperature of the chamber rises.

Mist exhaust hose
The diameter of the exhaust pipe is 48mm. The salt mist in the test chamber is discharged from this hole. It is best to connect a hose to lead the salt mist to the outdoors during the test to avoid blockage or water accumulation.


Brine collection cup
The salt mist sprayed from the nozzle falls into the 80cm² funnel cup in a free-fall manner, and then flows into the measuring cup through the tube. The measuring cup is used to collect the spray volume of each test.

Multiple types and customizable sample holder
The sample rack of the studio is composed of V-shaped grooves and round bars, which can also support the form of trays, and also supports customized designs to meet customer testing needs.


Pressure gauge and pressure regulating valve
The pressure displayed by the pointer of the pressure gauge is the air that is heated by the saturated barrel to convey the pressure reached by the nozzle. The pressure regulating valve is used to adjust the spray pressure. It can only be adjusted when the spray switch is turned on and the machine is operating normally.


Low water indicator
When the low water level indicator in the test room or saturated bucket is on, it indicates that the respective water level is low, and the program is automatically interrupted to remind us to add water to the corresponding device.

Chamber drain valve
Open this valve when the test chamber water is dirty and the test chamber water needs to be replaced.


Sealed in still water
The water tank around the transparent acrylic cover is sealed with water to avoid leakage of salt spray.

Saturation bucket
Placed on the right side of the control chamber, its function is that the air passes through the saturated barrel to heat and humidify, so that the air reaches the saturated humidity before spraying from the nozzle.