What is an Electronics Salt Spray Test

April 30, 2021

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Salt fog testing is a kind of natural environment test which mainly uses the artificial simulation of salt spray natural environment created by salt fog testing machinery and equipment to evaluate the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials. The salt spray detection standard is a specific regulation of the salt spray detection conditions such as temperature, humidity, sodium chloride solution concentration and pH.


In addition, the performance of the salt spray tester is also put forward a technical requirement. The evaluation methods of salt spray test results include grading method, weighing assessment method, corrosion appearance assessment method and corrosion data statistical analysis method. The products that need to be tested for salt spray are mainly some metal products, and the corrosion resistance of the products is tested.

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Products that need to be tested for Salt spray are:


1. Metals and their alloys


Coating and film, containing metal covering layer, organic covering layer, anode oxidation film

Organic mulch such as paint, varnish, powder spray, rustproof oil, etc.

Metal coverings such as electroplating, chemical plating, ion plating, spray plating, thermal leaching, chemical vapor deposition, etc. Commonly used plating layers are galvanized, copper-plated, nickel-plated, chrome-plated, tin-plated and brass-plated, lead-plated tin alloys, etc.


3. Electronic products

A: Road traffic category: road vehicle electrical and electronic equipment, rail transit locomotive vehicle machinery and equipment, auto parts, etc.

B: Computer class: computer, display, host, computer components, medical equipment and other precision instruments.

C: Electronic communications: mobile phones, RF, electronic communication components, PCB, PCBA.

D: Electrical appliances: home appliances, lamps, electrical appliances and other types of electrical equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment.