What is the Temperature Humidity Vibration Chamber

July 2, 2021

Latest company news about What is the Temperature Humidity Vibration Chamber
Comprehensive test chamber refers to: temperature + humidity + vibration test
Temperature Range:-50℃ ~ +150 ℃
Temperature Fluctuation:± 0.5 ℃
Temperature Deviation:± 2.0 ℃
Humidity Range:30% ~ 98% RH
Humidity Deviation ± 2.5% RH
Cooling Rate:5 ℃ / min
Heating Rate:5 ℃ / min
Dynamic diameter:¢240mm
horizontal sliding table:600*600 mm
Power Amplifier:Digital power amplifier
Head Expander:600*600 mm
Blower:4Kw blower, including muffler.
Max load:500kgs
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The temperature, humidity and vibration three comprehensive test chamber integrates temperature, humidity and climate stress tests with vibration and other mechanical stress tests.
When the test system is working, the stress (high temperature or low temperature, temperature change), temperature stress, vibration stress and electrical stress are applied to the sample simultaneously or separately according to the specified combination method and periodic space.
Compared with a single stress action, it has It has the advantages of more real environment simulation and higher test efficiency.
Humidity vibration environmental test chamber has been widely used in the assessment and evaluation of the environmental adaptability and reliability of electronic products such as aerospace, ships, automobiles, and the early detection of electronic product design defects and process defects Of screening occasions.