What Is UV Aging, And What Are UV Test Standards

August 12, 2020

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What is the purpose of the light aging test?


Through accelerated tests that simulate the effects of long-term exposure to natural light, the results of the weather resistance of the materials are obtained.

The difference between a blackboard thermometer (BPT) and a black label thermometer (BST)

The main difference: The blackboard thermometer uses an insulated black metal plate base, while the black label thermometer is not used. Generally, the temperature of the black label thermometer is about 5°C higher than the temperature of the blackboard thermometer.


What is a fluorescent ultraviolet lamp (UV lamp)?


A fluorescent lamp that emits at least 80% of the total output light energy of ultraviolet light below 400nm.

The difference between UV and xenon lamp testing

The UV test mainly considers the influence of ultraviolet light on the product, and its wavelength range is 300~400nm; the xenon lamp test not only considers the influence of ultraviolet light, but also considers the influence of visible light, and its wavelength range is 300~800nm.

What are the types of UV lamps in the reliability laboratory?
There are two types of UV lamps: UVA-340, UVB-313EL


What are the different uses of different types of UV lamps?

UVA-340: Simulate the ultraviolet part of sunlight, mainly used for light aging test of outdoor products.
UVB-313EL: It is widely used in fast and economical testing of durable materials. It will accelerate the aging of materials and sometimes lead to abnormal results. The customer's consent must be obtained when using it.
UVA-351: Used to simulate the ultraviolet part of sunlight passing through window glass, mainly used indoors.

Irradiance of laboratory UVA-340 lamp
0.68W/m2@340nm is equivalent to the sunlight at noon in summer, and get fast results;
1.38W/m2@340nm is twice the maximum value of the sun to get fast results;
0.35W/m2@340nm is equivalent to the daylight in March/September, suitable for ordinary testing or testing with lower UV light intensity.

Irradiance of laboratory UVB-313 lamp
1.23W/m2@340nm Very fast test, applied to quality control or testing of materials with good durability;
0.48W/m2@340nm UVB-313 lamp performs long-term illumination when SAE J2020 standard is implemented.

xenon aging and uv aging-2


What are the conditions for a complete UV test?

Should include: radiation intensity (irradiation), lamp type, non-illumination type (condensation and spray), temperature during illumination and non-illumination, time of illumination and non-illumination, total test time or test cycle frequency.

What are the commonly used UV test standards?
ASTM G154-2006 Non-metallic materials UV fluorescent lamp exposure
ISO 4892.3-2006 Plastic Laboratory Light Source Exposure Method Part 3: Fluorescent UV Lamp
GB/T 16422.3-1997 Plastic Laboratory Light Source Exposure Method Part 3: Fluorescent UV Lamp


What are the related test parameters of LIB UV ultraviolet aging test chamber?

Blackboard temperature: 30~80℃;
Irradiation intensity: 0.3~20W/m2 (340nm/313nm);
Sample board size: 75*150mm (48 sample boards in total)