What's The Aging Equipment Calibration, And how To Calibrate?

June 24, 2020

Latest company news about What's The Aging Equipment Calibration, And how To Calibrate?

LIB aging test chamber has precise requirements for irradiance, temperature and relative humidity control to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results. The reliability of the sensors and the data in question is particularly important. Therefore, the blackboard temperature, relative humidity and irradiance sensors need to be calibrated regularly. However, the boundaries of when to calibrate and when to make adjustments are often not clear to many customers.



Regarding the definition of calibration in“Basic and General Concepts of International Metrology Vocabulary and Related Terms”, It's defined that: Under the specified conditions, based on a large number of uncertain values ​​and reading results provided by the measurement standard, the correlation of the data is established, and then the information is used to establish the correlation to obtain from the reading Operation of test results.


Calibration should not be confused with the adjustment of the measurement system, which is often mistakenly referred to as “self-calibration” and should not be confused with calibration verification.

The blows are calibration items and measurement methods of LIB xenon lamp aging test chamber:

The calibration validity period of the test chamber is generally 1 year. During long-term use of the test chamber, there will be wear and tear, which may cause deviations in test points. In order not to affect the test data, it is necessary to recalibrate and debug. Achieve uniform standards.


Calibration Items

Temperature uniformity: ≤2 ℃; Temperature fluctuation: ≤0.5 ℃; Irradiation accuracy: ≤5% W / M2


Measurement method

1. Test the temperature with a special inspection instrument. The number and placement of temperature measurement points are bounded by the equipment workroom volume 2ml. When it is not greater than 2cm3, it is 9 points, and when it is greater than 2 cm3, it is 15 points.



2. Measurement of temperature deviation
a) Install temperature sensors at each temperature measurement point.
b) Put the verification load evenly in the work space.
c) Heat temperature up to 35 ℃ and spray continuously.
d) After all temperature sensors reach 35 °C and remain within the specified tolerance range, measure the temperature value of all measurement points once every 2min within 30min, and measure 15 times in total, and record them.



3. Detection Irradiation sensor current (5 ~ 24V), 10Ma.

In order to ensure a good quality, all LIB test chambers machine in the factory will be strict calibration and commissioning. We provide test chambers, provide one stop test solution.


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