Which Products Need to be Tested for Water Resistance and Tightness

April 29, 2022

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In life, most products need to be tested for waterproofness to ensure the sealing and waterproofness of the products in actual use.


Which products need to be tested for water resistance and tightness?

A: mandatory fields (electronic and electrical products)


Outdoor lamps, outdoor optical instruments, cameras, mobile phones, tablets, smart bracelets, outdoor audio and other electronic products, household appliances, auto parts, motorcycle parts, instrumentation, outdoor monitors, diving equipment, medical equipment, etc.


As long as there are electrical parts inside the shell, considering the actual use environment of the product, the product must pass the corresponding IPX waterproof level test before leaving the factory.


B: non-mandatory areas


There are no mandatory provisions in the standard, but the factory or company needs to consider the product for consumer use


Derivative categories of electronic and electrical products such as waterproof watches, waterproof and waterproof connectors, and waterproof mobile phone bags. This type of product is mainly developed by the company according to the needs of consumers in the market.


There are many types of rain test chambers, including:

●IPX12 drip test machine,

●IPX34 rain test chamber,

●IPX56 spray test machine,

●IPX7 water immersion test equipment,

●IPX8 pressurized water immersion test equipment,

●IPX9 high temperature test equipment