Why Auto Parts Need Ozone Testing

January 13, 2022

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Definition of Ozone Test
Ozone Testing Equipment,An aging test method that exposes the sample to a constant ozone concentration and constant temperature environment under static tensile strain or dynamic tensile strain conditions. The process of aging by ozone to test the aging resistance of rubber products.


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Purpose of the ozone test
In order to test the weather resistance of ozone products, Ozone Testing Equipment the damage to materials caused by temperature and moisture has attracted people's attention, and the increasingly prosperous industry has formed various corrosives.


Gas is mixed in the air, such as ozone, its destructiveness is a very severe test for materials or products, it can lead to cracking, degradation, pulverization, hardening and other damage of rubber products





Sample Requirements
●The width of the wide style is not less than 10mm, and the thickness is 2.0mm±0.2mm.
●The standard style of the narrow dumbbell should be composed of a square with both ends of 6.5mm*6.5mm and a strip with a width of 2±0.2mm and a length of 50mm in the middle.


LIB Ozone Test Equipment Technical Parameters
●Temperature range: normal temperature 10℃-80℃
●Humidity range: 20%RH-65%RH (relative to the humidity range, the temperature range is 23°C-40°C)
●Ozone concentration range: 25-1000pphm