Colorants and Chemical Additives Aging Test

August 31, 2020

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Most manufacturers of textiles, plastic products, dyes, and coatings add certain polymers to protect additives and colorants during the production process, but the sunlight, UV light, moisture and alternative additives and colorants in the sun produce huge damage.

Among our commonly used products, can the colorants and additives products withstand the test of nature? How long will it last? Will the raw materials be of good quality if we change to a new supplier? Can the improvement of the production process modify the weather resistance of the product?


LIB production xenon lamp aging test chamber and ultraviolet (uv) aging test chamber provided can solve your problems in product quality control. Weather resistance testing equipment products are used for weather resistance testing in different industries, including:


2.Antibacterial agents

3.UV stabilizer

4.Flame retardant

5.Corrosion inhibitor

6.Plastic products


LIB production UV accelerated weathering tester provided can be used to simulate ultraviolet rays in sunlight and humid environments, and can be used to measure coatings, plastics and various added weather resistance properties such as:

1.Turn yellow



4.Bending embrittlement

5.Foaming erosion

6.Decreased performance and loss of gloss

Xenon lamp aging chamber products can simulate the full spectrum of sunlight, and can also be used to measure colorants or other additive products that may be sensitive to long-wave ultraviolet and visible light.

1.Indoor outdoor test


3.Colour fastness


5.Textile fiber

6.Plastic parts





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