Ozone Aging Test Chamber Ozone Gas Generation and Application

January 4, 2021

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The ozone aging test chamber can be used for rubber products such as vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, cable insulation sheaths, etc., under static stretching or continuous dynamic stretching deformation, or under intermittent dynamic stretching and static stretching alternate deformation .


Expose to a closed and non-illuminated air with constant ozone concentration and a constant temperature test box, test the sample at a predetermined time, and evaluate the ozone resistance of the rubber from the cracks or other changes in the surface of the sample. Aging performance. Suitable for schools, factories, military industry, research positions, and other units.

The ozone aging test machine adopts raw materials and is produced and processed by high-quality production equipment. The surface of the chamber is solved by electrostatic spraying. The colors are harmoniously matched and the wire frame is smooth. The inner tank is designed to be a closed indoor space without immediate light during work.

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The aging test can be carried out according to the test piece. It can stably manipulate the experimental temperature difference of ±2℃, and is made of imported black mirror steel plate. The sample racks, fixtures and hoses in the room are made of stainless steel plates that are not easily dissolved by ozone and endanger the concentration of ozone. The sample rack can rotate 360 ​​degrees and the speed ratio is adjustable.


Ozone aging test machine ozone concentration control
The ozone gas produced by the silent ozone disinfection machine, and a certain amount of resolved gas, are mixed in the air-conditioning exchanger and sent to the test chamber. The ultraviolet inspector will continuously monitor the ozone concentration online, and the opinions will be fed back to the ozone disinfection The automatic control system of the machine enables the automatic control system to reasonably control the generation of ozone according to the preset value, and then the test machine maintains a suitable ozone concentration.

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In addition, LIB uses the classic organic chemical titration method, which can be compared with the value of the instrument panel to ensure that the ozone concentration and deviation are small. The measurement and control system uses an integrated ozone concentration, temperature and humidity controller (setting method is lightly pressing the button), with high processing speed, good reliability, LED display information, display information pixel temperature (0.1℃), environmental humidity (0.1%) RH), ozone concentration (1pphm), PID preset value control, the actual operation is convenient. A socket for classical chemical testing of ozone concentration is reserved for convenient calibration analysis testing.