What are the Applications of the Cryogenic Chamber

July 8, 2021

Latest company news about What are the Applications of the Cryogenic Chamber

Cryogenic chamber application of cryogenic technology in nuclear industry and aerospace industry. Among them, the use in aerospace industry is more prominent. Spaceflight parts will greatly enhance their durability and fatigue resistance after super, treatment and hot and cold shock. Thus, the reliability and life of the machine are improved.


Cryogenic Chamber,cryogenic treatment can reduce the residue content, promote the precipitation of fine carbides, reduce the intergranular tensile stress, and improve the properties of materials

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Range of application

ultra low temperature chamber use for high speed steel, cemented carbide, workers gauge, blade, mold, saw blades, oil pump, nozzle, micro motor shaft, auto bearing, golf head, roll, cryogenic valves, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, hardware, tools, springs, gears, bearings, diamond, mining, geological drill bits, steel, machinery parts, medicine, biological engineering, aerospace and so on all kinds of cryogenic metal materials It can be used for interference cooling and ultra-low temperature environment simulation of various parts.


Cryogenic Chamber

Temperature Range:-120℃ ~ +150℃

Temperature Fluctuation:± 0.5 ℃

Temperature Deviation:± 2.0 ℃

Cooling Rate:1 ℃ / min

Heating Rate:3 ℃ / min

Mechanical compression refrigeration cooling system

PTR Platinum Resistance PT100Ω/MV A-class temperature Sensor

Simulation environmental chamber equipped with centrifugal wind fan to accelerate gas cycle

The internal material is 304 stainless steel, mirror surface