What is the Difference Between 3-Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber and 2-Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber?

June 2, 2020

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The Thermal Shock Test chamber is used to test the structure and complex materials of the product, and circulate extremely high temperature and extremely low temperature in a short time. Test chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction in a short time. The objects used include the necessary test equipment for testing material structures or composite materials in the metal, plastic, rubber, electronics and other materials industries.


There are two types of thermal shock test chamber, one is 3-zone thermal shock test chamber, the other is 2-zone thermal shock test chamber. Which one do you choose when buying a thermal shock test chamber? What is the difference?


2-Zone Thermal Shock Test Machine

The working principle of the 2-zone thermal shock test machine: the test chamber generates a high temperature environment (60 ℃ ~ 200 ℃) and a low temperature environment (-10 ℃ ~ -80 ℃) through the heating system and refrigeration system of the unit, according to the temperature For the relevant requirements of the impact test, put the test article into the load basket of the designated greenhouse. When the 2 greenhouses reach the preset temperature and are stable, the gear basket is pulled through the transmission mechanism to realize the movement of the tested component in the basket between the high and low greenhouses.
During the movement, the high and low greenhouses are connected, and the tested component also enters another greenhouse from a high or low temperature state, so a large amount of cooling and heating loads will be brought in. The unit should quickly return to the predetermined temperature of each greenhouse through the refrigeration system or heating system. When the temperature of the greenhouse where the tested component is kept stable for a long time, then reverse the load basket through the transmission mechanism to bring the tested component back to the original greenhouse, the same must be quickly restored to the predetermined temperature Repeat the above operation again to complete multiple temperature cycle impact tests. The advantage is that the high and low temperature impact temperature is fast, but the recovery speed is slow. In the second impact process, the low temperature area and the high temperature area must be re-cooled.


3-Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber


The 3-zone thermal shock test chamber has a built-in pre-cooling area, pre-heating area and test area, these three areas are independent. The 3-zone are switched by the valve without moving the test product.
At normal temperature, the ambient temperature is introduced into the test space to eliminate the heat or cooling of the test space, and close the high and low temperature storage tank damper; when the impact is small, close the high temperature box and the normal temperature box damper, connect the low temperature chamber to the test chamber, and connect The stored cooling capacity is immediately introduced into the test chamber.
Close the low-temperature and normal-temperature storage tank dampers, connect the high-temperature storage tank to the test chamber, and then immediately introduce the pre-stored heat into the test chamber. So as to achieve the purpose of rapid temperature change.